Most importantly, the wire guide is made from PLA as it is a natural plastic originating from corn starch and is recyclable. For these reasons it does not like heat. Please don’t leave it in the sun, on a hot windowsill, on or near a radiator or anywhere else with a lot of heat. Please also keep away from children and pets. PLA can be sharp when broken.

To attach to the machine

The holder needs to be mounted centrally on top of the machine as in the photograph below.


To mount the holder, screw the top into the base all the way and thenUNSCREW HALF A TURN. The holder needs to be able to swivel slightly once it is mounted. This allows for movement of the cord as the machine foils.

Remove the plastic from the sticky pad on the back and mount the holder so the slot in the holder is pointing front to back on the machine, not side to side.

TIP – The plastic is cut in half to make it easier for you to remove

You can then push the USB plug through the slot in the cord holder. You may need to wrap the cord label around the cord to push it through.Make sure there is enough cord to allow the machine full movement side to side.

Once the holder is mounted you can unscrew the top a   part for transport if needed and leave the base attached to the machine. The base can be carefully removed at any point but the sticky pad will need to be replaced with another sticky pad.