The 3D FunPrintz Universal Pen Holder is now available for the Cameo 3 machine. It is also compatible with the Cameo 1, 2 and Portrait 2 machines.

The holder takes most pens that are 12.4mm diameter and smaller. 

A clip on, hands free tool allows easy setting of the pen nib to the correct depth. Just clip it on, push the pen into the small recess on the tool and tighten the cap. 

Best of all this adapter will also take Standard (Fine) and Extra Fine Sharpies so you get 2 adapters in one.

The holder comes with 2 calibration clip tools as standard.

The holder will be supplied in various colours depending on stock at the time of order.

Any pens shown in the images are for illustrative purposes only and not included with the product.

If purchasing from outside of the UK, please be aware that this price does not include duties/taxes in your country. 

Important : This design is our intellectual property and may not be copied in any way, shape or form. Anyone found to be breaching intellectual property rights may be subject to legal action.

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Available for pre-order, will be shipped on July 4th.
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