Now you don't have to choose! With this combination of Sharpie Holder and ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder, the huge amount of pens that you can choose to work with are at your fingertips. The Sharpie Holder and Universal Pen Holder will be sent to you in different colours, to make it easier to distinguish at a glance when crafting. 

Please note that if you are located outside of the UK, tax/duties is not included in the purchase price. 

Important : This design is our intellectual property and may not be copied in any way, shape or form. Anyone found to be breaching intellectual property rights may be subject to legal action.


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ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder and Sharpie Pen Holder

Margaret Allen on 12th Jan 2023

I recently purchased the Universal and Sharpie Pen Holder for the ScanNCut and have been delighted with them. I tried all the pens that I have in my craft room, and believe me I have quite a few different makes, and they all work perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone they are so good.

ScanNCut PenHolder Bundle

Chris Robinson on 30th May 2022

I’m very new to Scan n Cut and previously had tried the Brother universal pen holder but didn’t rate it very much, first try with these pen holders I’m very impressed, easy to use and excellent results

Scan n cut pen holders

Gillian on 18th May 2022

I bought theses after seeing a demo on you tube. I must say they are brilliant very impressed. Wished I had them before now. They only pen holder I will use. Thanks for bring these on the market.