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All contained in one super bundle of joy, this combination of Sharpie Holder, ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder and Foil Quill Adapters will give you hours of fun! The Sharpie Holder and Universal Pen Holder will be sent to you in different colours, to make it easier to distinguish between them when crafting. 

We usually distribute our Pen Holder Bundles in red and blue (one penholder being red, one penholder being blue), but if you'd like your penholders in the same colour, please add this to your order notes and we'd be happy to make it happen!

Important : This design is our intellectual property and may not be copied in any way, shape or form. Anyone found to be breaching intellectual property rights may be subject to legal action.


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Scanncut Compatible Super Bundle

Nolene Lattin on 21st Sep 2023

After Jennifer Brodie strongly recommend these pen holders, I decided to just get the bundle. I am really glad I did. I have minimal use of my left hand and have been able to use them with no problems. I had bought my Scanncut for mainly quilting but was getting flustered trying to mark the seams. These are making it really exciting to be able to quilt accurately. Thank you! Will be watching for any new products you have.

Sharpie Holder

Rose on 17th May 2022

I just received the scan n cut accessories and tried out the sharpie holder and I am so happy. My graffiti writing has gone to a whole new level on my fabrics. Thank you so much. Whatever else you guys design I will be a very good customer. Once again thank you.

Pen Holders

Beverley Hollis on 13th Apr 2022

Works perfectly, i took it out of the package, put the pen in and drew with the SnC. No faffing with tape to get the holder to grip as you do with the Brother version, it worked with multiple pens too, again no messing around. Wish I had bought these a long time ago .