An easy to use Universal Pen Holder compatible with your Brother Scan and Cut machine.These holders work in both the CM and SDX series of machines.

The  3D FunPrintz Universal Pen Holder allows you to use a wide range of pens and pencils in your Scan and Cut machine.  The adapter will take most pens that are between 4mm and 12mm thickness, including those with a hexagonal or triangular shaped barrel. 

A simple clip on, hands free, alignment tool helps you to set the correct pen depth in the holder and an easy to use screw cap mechanism grip the pen. Two clips are included with the penholder. If you need a spare or extras these can be ordered separately also. 

Flexible nibs on the holder ensure that the pen nib stays central while you draw and fit most type of pen nibs. 

The pen adapter is available in the usual 3D Fun Printz colours of red and blue. The colour despatched depends on what is in stock at the time, although if you have a specific preference, please include this in the order notes, and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Please note, we have tried a wide range of pens in the holder (over a hundred have successfully worked so far) but we cannot guarantee any specific pen or brand will fit as we cannot try every available pen.

If purchasing from outside of the UK, please be aware that this price does not include duties/taxes in your country. 

Important : This design is our intellectual property and may not be copied in any way, shape or form. Anyone found to be breaching intellectual property rights may be subject to legal action.

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Greatest invention for the SNC ever!

Cindy Gray on 15th Dec 2022

I wasted my money on the Brother Universal Pen Holder—it won’t hold any pens and I couldn’t get it to tighten properly or get the depth correct. This pen holder does the job flawlessly and with no tearing out your hair. Just follow the simple instructions to put the pen in, tighten the collar and you’re good to go. It really works!

Scan and cut universal pen adapter

Anne Runtz on 13th Oct 2022

I just got this from the Uk after seeing a couple of you tube videos. I just love them. I can now write with all of my pens and markers. Great product.

ScanNCut Universal Pen Adapter

Caroline Liddle on 16th Jun 2022

This product along with the others on here was brought to my attention by John Bloodworth's YT channel. After watching his channel I decided to go ahead and purchase it even though I have the original Brother one. You can use any size of pen, pencil or marker which is phenomenal. This adapter works brilliantly and is very strong and sturdy. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

ScanNCut Pen Adapter and Clip Tool and the Sharpie Holder

Judy Zech on 9th May 2022

I totally love these holders . They have worked since I got them and they continue to work every time I use them. I found out about them from another crafter and I will definitely be recommending them to others. Thank You very much .

Universal Pen Adapter

Debra J Doktor on 28th Apr 2022

Oh my goodness! Just received mine today, and I am impressed!! I had to try it out with all of my different pens and it worked beautifully. No more taping pens and trying to get them to stay in place. Definitely buying another one of these for my home in Florida. And not only that, I received this in record time! LOVE IT!

Scan n Cut universal pen adapter

Chris Kelly on 2nd Dec 2021

This is brilliant and works with all kinds of pens. Just follow instructions and get perfect results every time.

Excellent Product

Lesley Dickson on 30th Nov 2021

This pen adapter holds a wide variety of pens firmly allowing the Scan n Cut to write and draw without any skipping or missing lines. It is easy to load the pens into the holder using the clip to gauge how far down they need to be positioned. This holder is much better than the one made by the manufacturer of the Scan n Cut.. Would thoroughly recommend it.


rene on 30th Nov 2021

this is the best accessory ever. works amazingly better than the name brand